Shaped Animal Board Books Set

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This is a set of four animal shaped board books with charming illustrations and clear text which makes them ideal to share with young children.

Dippy the Duckling – When Dippy paddles off down the river all by himself, he can’t swim back again. How will he find his Mummy?

Kylie the Kitten – Kylie is all full of fun and loves chasing things around the house and garden, but one day things don’t go as she expects.

Pip the Puppy – When Pip is told to keep guard he is as happy as can be, but then an unexpected visitor appears in the garden!

Rosie the Rabbit – When Rosie hops through a hole in the garden fence one day, she finds an exciting new world to explore!

Published by Award Publications

Board Book

Pages 12 per book

Size 12 x 18 cm.

ISBN: 978-1-84135-277-0

ISBN: 978-1-84135-280-0

ISBN: 978-1-84135-279-4

ISBN: 978-1-84135-278-7

Published 2003